Can I buy Old Military Vehicles? (Where and How)

Owning historical artifacts or items from the past can be especially important to those who went through specific experiences in life. For those who served in the military, this can be especially important. Below, we’ll discuss where and how to buy an old military vehicle.

It is possible to buy old military vehicles by visiting the correct websites and gaining the proper titles for the vehicle. It is important that purchases are made through government-associated websites. One can either bid for the desired vehicle or make a direct purchase.

It can be difficult to know what websites are reputable and which ones are not. Not only will this article discuss which websites are reputable, but it will also discuss how you can go about purchasing a vehicle through these websites. It will also discuss some necessary things to have once the vehicle is purchased.

Reputable Sites

The most important thing to know while looking to buy a military vehicle is which websites are reputable sources. In addition to being reputable, it is also wise to find websites that have an association with the government. This will ensure that these vehicles are being sold legally and that certain requirements are being met such as having the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), serial number, emission label, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS).

If a website does not have this information for the vehicle that you are seeking, it is not a good website to be looking at. The top two websites to go to when searching for a military vehicle are GovPlanet and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The government works in association with these companies to conduct sales of surplus military vehicles making both strong sites to visit. Another website that sells military surplus is Government Liquidation. Although does not sell military vehicles, it does offer information on laws throughout the US that pertain to the driving and registration of said vehicles.

Purchasing Military Vehicles

Once you’ve found a reputable website, the next step is to find the vehicle that you want to buy. Make sure that you spend the time researching what you want. Take into consideration how much money it will cost to buy and ship the vehicle to you. It is also important to know how much money you are willing to spend on the vehicle you want to have. (Most military vehicles start at around $15,000 and climb to over $500,000.)

It is also important to know if you have extensive knowledge about that vehicle. Once you’ve done the research on the vehicle you would like, it’s time to get to buying. Most of the websites that sell surplus military vehicles have the buying process online. It can be done in two ways: auctions or direct purchases.

The most important thing to check is if there is a serial number. It is vital to make sure that the vehicle has its correlating information. If you can’t find it, don’t buy it. This will save you any trouble from buying a vehicle that you can’t drive around. If the seller doesn’t want to provide the information it is a pretty good indication that it is a sale you should avoid.

As the name suggests, you’ll be biding against other online competitors if you decide to participate in an auction. Prices during auctions can be driven to exorbitant heights, so don’t get caught up in the excitement. You don’t want to buy a $500,000 vehicle you can’t afford.

If the excitement of online bidding doesn’t excite you, most websites have a “purchase now” option. You can confer with the seller and find the information that you need before going forward with the transaction. The typical method of payment is with a card; however, some websites do have an option for sending a check. This differs with each website, but the payment method should be explained once you buy your vehicle.

Titles and Registration

Now that you have your vehicle, it is important to make sure that it is registered in your name. This will happen as you receive an SF 97-1 form, (United States form to Obtain a Vehicle’s Title), and a purchaser’s receipt for your purchase. Having a clear and accurate title should be one of your biggest priorities. If you can’t see the title while doing research on the vehicle you want, contact the seller. They should have filled out the title as part of their requirements for selling the vehicle. This will allow them to put the buyer as the new owner of the title.

You can ask if they can send you a picture of the title. They can cover up sensitive information when they send it, but make sure that the serial number on the title matches the vehicle’s online listing. Again, if they don’t provide clear information don’t buy it.

Once you receive the title to the vehicle, you’ll need to register your vehicle with the state that you’re living in. While getting it registered so you can drive, you must obtain the Verification of Vehicle certificate (REG 31) from the DMV. This is the only way you can register your vehicle.

Only specific types of military vehicles can be driven on the road, so it is important to know what can and cannot be driven on the streets. For example, military tanks are far too wide to be driven on the streets even though they can be purchased. Any vehicle that is over 102 inches wide is not allowed to be driven on the streets. It is important that you research the laws and regulations that are specific to that state. Laws and regulations can be seen by visiting the state’s site pertaining to rulings that have been made.

After you’ve completed that process, you will be able to enjoy your vehicle. It is important to focus on the upkeep of these older models which might mean that there are repairs to be done along the way. Finding the correct information on how to care for your vehicle is important.

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