Do Military Surplus Stores Buy Uniforms?

Many United States Military members choose to eventually retire, but what do they do with their uniforms after they retire? Are they allowed to sell them to military surplus stores?

Military surplus stores buy United States military uniforms. They buy them from retired members who no longer want to find ways to store or keep the old uniforms that they do not wear.

But why would military surplus stores buy used uniforms? Read on for more information on the subject.

Why Do Military Surplus Stores Buy Uniforms?

Military surplus stores buy uniforms from former United States soldiers because some other soldier or civilian may want to use them. Many civilians dress up to be soldiers on Halloween, and some military members may want to have an extra uniform but don’t want to pay full price for a uniform that they won’t wear often.

Also, when a military surplus store buys a military uniform from a former soldier, it helps the former soldier out financially, even if they do not sell the uniform for a lot of money.

But why would a veteran sell an old uniform? Well, sometimes it is a family member that is selling the uniform. If their family member who was a veteran has died, and they do not have the space to continue to store it, then they may choose to sell it instead of keeping it. The same may be the case for a former service member who doesn’t have the space to store it, or they may be moving and do not want to keep it with them.

Can I Also Buy Military Combat Boots From The Surplus Store?

You can buy genuine military combat boots from the military surplus store. In fact, it is a lot cheaper to buy combat boots from the surplus store than to buy new military combat boots from another store.

However, many of the combat boots that you will find are no longer used by the United States military, so you should not buy them if you are intending to use them while you are deployed. It is better to use the boots that you are issued or buy them from another website or store.

Also, if you are not planning on using military-grade combat boots for hiking or other physical activities, you should look into other combat boot styles that will better suit your needs. Military-grade combat boots are built to withstand extreme conditions and last a very long time. However, they are not the most comfortable for casual footwear.

Is It Legal For A Civilian To Wear A Military Uniform?

It is legal for a civilian to wear a military uniform in the United States, as long as the civilian is not trying to impersonate a soldier. Some worry that if you wear a soldier’s uniform or clothing, then they are stealing the valor that the soldier deserves. If you wish to avoid this, then don’t wear any emblems or patches that say that you served in a certain quadrant or squad.

You can wear something that belonged to a family member that served in the military but make sure to acknowledge that you are wearing something that belonged to a family member if someone asks about it.

If you want to wear a military uniform for Halloween, make sure to specify that it is only a costume when someone asks you about it, or make sure that there is a mistake in the uniform to be clear that you are not a part of the military. If you do this, then you will not get in trouble for trying to impersonate a military service member.

Is It Offensive To Wear A Military Uniform Outside Of The Military?

It is not offensive to wear a military uniform if you are not part of the military. Some civilians wear military garb to show respect to veterans and the people who are currently serving in the military. Many civilians wear camouflage jackets that look like they are part of the military, even though they are not. Other people wear a different pattern of camouflage, but that tends to be a fashion choice.

If you want to avoid offending or disrespecting any military members by wearing parts of the military uniform, then wear items of clothing that state that you support the military instead. This will make sure that you dodge any awkward conversations with strangers about where you served.

How Much Does A Uniform From A Surplus Store Cost?

Each part of the United States uniform costs $60-$80, depending on the part of the uniform that you are purchasing. A military uniform jacket that is in very good condition tends to go for around $80, but this price varies with the military surplus store you purchase it from.

You can purchase the entire uniform, but military surplus stores sell the pieces of the uniform separately. They even sell the undershirt separately from the standard uniform jacket that many soldiers wear while in the United States.

Since the United States military uniform pieces are sold in separate parts, getting the complete uniform from a military surplus store would be very expensive, so only do it if you are sure that you really want the complete uniform.

Also, make sure that you are not claiming to actually be a United States military member when you do wear the uniform. Impersonating a United States soldier is illegal, and you will be arrested if the authorities find out. It is important to always use common sense and respect when wearing military clothing.

Try only wearing one or two parts of the uniform at a time. Then it will be clear that you are not currently working for the military and won’t accidentally be seen as a soldier.

If you are currently working for the military and are off duty, then you can wear the entirety of your uniform if you want to, especially if you are traveling or heading to work on the base.

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